Coraff Carpets Conditions of Sale:

  1. This is confirmation of our written/verbal estimate/quotation giving details of goods and services to be supplied. Please check carefully and advise us of any discrepancies.
  2. Whilst every effort is made to deliver and fit to the customer’s satisfaction, delivery promises are approximate only, and failure to deliver on the stated date or at specific time shall not render us liable for damages, lost time, or any other consequential loss.
  3. Prices are based on continuity of work, laying in clear areas (shifting furniture and equipment may be charged extra) and during normal working hours. If installation of work is required in stages or in more visits than planned, a supplementary charge will apply.
  4. While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction, exact colour/design matching cannot be guaranteed between different widths of carpet due to manufacturing tolerances over which we have no control. Neither can exact matching be guaranteed between the carpet supplied and the sample displayed in the store.
  5. Seams and joins – unless specified by client, seams/joins will be placed as our professional opinion dictates. A plan/s showing join/seam positions is available upon request.
  6. To facilitate speedy and efficient fitting, rooms to be fitted must be cleared of furniture, effects, and old carpet prior to the fitter’s arrival. The cost of such clearances is not included in our quotation unless specified.
  7. Floors must be quite even of surface, completely free from damp (surface or latent) and in good condition to take our materials. Unless stated prices do not include any preparation, which may be necessary, in order to make the floor suitable for laying our material.
  8. Where installation is arranged for a specific date(s), a notice period of two working days (48 hours) is required if an arranged installation is to be cancelled. Any cancellation within the required 48 hour notice period will incur a charge for each fitter for time lost. This is charged at £250+ VAT per fitting team.
  9. Plain carpet is subject to shading with use, due to pile pressure. This is a characteristic of this type of carpet. It does not affect the durability of the carpet, and is not the basis of a manufacturing defect
  10. We will not be liable for any defect which may arise due to: (a) dry rot from whatever cause, (b) any defect in the sub floor or (c) the presence of moisture arising out of the subfloor under our adhesive. This applies particularly to basements, etc., and to all concrete or similar floors laid without an air space below or without s first class damp course. In such cases we recommend a top layer of rock asphalt in place of the usual cement screed, or, alternatively, a layer of bitumen, sandwiched between concrete subfloor and the cement screed.
  11. Where electric current is required for lighting or power, this is to be supplied free of charge.
  12. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify the fitter in writing of the location of any pipes or cables which might be damaged during the fitting. No responsibility can be accepted for damage to under floor pipes or cables, or for consequential damage to property or fittings unless written notification has been given as stated above.
  13. As all goods are specially cut and shaped for each order, we cannot accept cancellations of orders, in whole or part, under any circumstances.
  14. We accept no responsibility for delay due to strikes, lockouts, fires or any other circumstances not under our control.
  15. A 50% deposit is required before the carpet is placed on order. The balance will be taken on the first day of scheduled works.
  16. Interest may be charged at the rate of 2% per month on accounts, which remain unpaid 30 days after the due date.
  17. The risk in the goods shall pass to the customer on delivery. Notwithstanding delivery the ownership in the goods does not pass to the customer until they are paid for in full and until such payment, is made, the customer shall hold the goods and any proceeds of sale of the goods and any right arising from any sale thereof as bailee for the Company and the Company shall have the right with or without prior notice at any time to re-take possession of the whole or any part of the goods and for that purpose to go upon any premises occupied by the customer without prejudice to any other remedy of the Company.
  18. Adaptations: Every effort is made to complete work to the customer’s total satisfaction, adaptations are however undertaken at the customer’s own risk and no responsibility can be accepted by the Company.
  19. We regret that our quotation does not include any door adjustment, as we do not offer a carpenter service. A contact name can however be supplied.
  20. Goods sold F.O.B. are the responsibility of the seller or his Agent, the Company’s responsibility shall cease immediately the goods are placed on board ship and the seller or his Agent shall be under no obligation to give the buyer notice specified in section 32 (3) of the Sale of Goods Act 1893.
  21. If works are not completed within 4 weeks of the fitting date offered, Coraff reserve the right to request payment of balance unless previously agreed in writing.
  22. Ombudsman Service is available to resolve any complaints